Lamber - Open Rack For Dishwashers - CC00019

Lamber - Open Rack For Dishwashers - CC00019

Lamber - Open Rack For Dishwashers - CC00019

Model Number: EUR-CC00019

UPC: 628242141543

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Enhance your commercial kitchen's efficiency and organization with the Lamber Open Rack, a versatile and robust storage solution designed to optimize your kitchen's workflow. This open rack provides ample space for storing and organizing various kitchen essentials, from dishware and utensils to trays and cookware. Its durable construction and thoughtful design make it an invaluable asset for any professional kitchen or foodservice establishment.

Key Features:
  • Sturdy Construction: The Lamber Open Rack is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliable performance. Its robust frame can withstand the demands of a busy commercial kitchen, providing a stable storage solution for your kitchen essentials.
  • Ample Storage Space: With multiple tiers of open shelving, the rack offers generous storage capacity for a wide range of items. From plates and bowls to trays and cookware, you can efficiently organize and access your kitchen tools and supplies.
  • Versatile Design: The open rack's versatile design makes it suitable for various applications in the kitchen. It can be used for storing dishware, kitchen utensils, or even ingredients, helping you maintain an organized and clutter-free workspace.
  • Easy Access: The open shelving design allows for quick and easy access to your stored items, saving you time and effort during meal preparation and service. This accessibility enhances your kitchen's overall productivity.
  • Space-Efficient: The rack's vertical design maximizes your kitchen's available space, providing storage without taking up valuable floor area. This efficient use of space helps you make the most of your kitchen layout.
  • Hygienic and Easy to Clean: The open rack features smooth surfaces and minimal crevices, making it easy to clean and maintain a hygienic environment. This is crucial for maintaining high standards of food safety and sanitation in your kitchen.
  • Mobility and Stability: Depending on the model, the Lamber Open Rack may come equipped with casters for easy mobility. This feature allows you to reposition the rack as needed, while locking casters ensure stability when the rack is in use.
  • Simple Assembly: The rack is designed for easy assembly, with clear instructions provided. This allows for quick setup and integration into your existing kitchen setup.










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Lamber is shipped free across Canada on orders over $99. Family owned and operated in Italy since 1976, Lamber has provided quality high-temperature commercial dishwashers for commercial kitchens and restaurants across the globe. Due to their high temperatures, the use of chemical sanitizers is not required.