Kitchen Grips - 6-7

Kitchen Grips - 6-7" Black/Blueberry Deluxe Pan Handle Holder 2 PC Set - 110504-20

Kitchen Grips - 6-7" Black/Blueberry Deluxe Pan Handle Holder 2 PC Set - 110504-20

Model Number: BROW-110504-20

UPC: 790652202166

Kitchen Grips
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The Kitchen Grips 6-7" Black/Blueberry Pan Handle Holder (model number 110504-20) is a versatile kitchen accessory designed to provide heat protection while maintaining comfort and functionality. These handle holders are designed to enhance your cooking experience, allowing you to confidently handle hot cookware while maintaining comfort and safety. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, these Pan Handle Holders are a reliable choice for kitchen safety and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Handle Holder: Built on the foundation of Kitchen Grips' renowned Mitt design, the Pan Handle Holder allows you to securely grip hot pan handles without the bulkiness of a traditional glove. This design innovation ensures that you have both dexterity and heat protection when working in the kitchen.

  • Advanced FLXaPrene Material: The Pan Handle Holder is crafted from FLXaPrene™ material, known for its exceptional properties. FLXaPrene™ is a non-porous material that not only prevents bacteria growth but also resists stains that can cause bacteria buildup on the holder. This material is a key factor in ensuring kitchen safety and hygiene.

  • Durable Kevlar Stitching: To further enhance the durability and heat resistance of the Pan Handle Holder, it features Kevlar® stitching. This robust stitching ensures that the holder's seams remain intact even under high heat conditions.

  • Extreme Heat Resistance: The Pan Handle Holder is designed to withstand extreme temperature ranges, offering reliable protection from scorching heat up to 500°F/260°C and frigid cold down to -134°F/-92°C. Whether you're handling sizzling pans or frozen dishes, your hands remain shielded.

  • Water-Repellent: The water-repellent properties of the holder safeguard your hands from steam and liquid burns, making it an ideal choice for various kitchen tasks involving moisture and heat.

  • Non-Slip Grip: The Pan Handle Holder boasts Kitchen Grips' famous Non-Slip Grip, featuring a raised nub surface pattern. This pattern is engineered to provide a superior and safer grip, allowing you to confidently handle hot cookware.

  • Enhanced Insulation: The raised nub surface not only aids in grip but also creates additional insulation between your hand and the heat source. This added insulation ensures your safety while maintaining comfort.

  • Flexible and Comfortable: FLXaPrene™ material is soft and pliable, making the Pan Handle Holder exceptionally comfortable to use. Its flexibility allows for a secure grip without sacrificing comfort during prolonged use.

  • Stain-Resistant and Easy to Clean: Stains easily wash off the unique FLXaPrene material, promoting cleanliness and hygiene in your kitchen.

  • Set of Two: This set includes two Pan Handle Holders, providing you with versatile options for handling multiple hot pans or cookware items simultaneously.




6" & 7"


Net Weight

0.14 lb

Care & Use

Dishwasher safe on the top rack.


500°F/260°C to -134°F/-92°C


Black & Blue

Item Condition



FLXaPrene, Kevlar



Number of Pieces

2 (Pan Handle Holders)

Warranty / Certifications


5 Years


Kitchen Grips

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