John Boos - 8 Oz Boos Stainless Steel Cleaner - BSC

John Boos - 8 Oz Boos Stainless Steel Cleaner - BSC

John Boos - 8 Oz Boos Stainless Steel Cleaner - BSC

Model Number: TTPI-BSC

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Introducing the John Boos 8 Oz Boos Stainless Steel Cleaner, the ideal solution for keeping your stainless steel products and surfaces shiny, clean, and free from food residue, fingerprints, and kitchen grease. Designed with convenience and effectiveness in mind, this stainless steel cleaner is a must-have for maintaining the pristine condition of your John Boos products and other stainless steel items in your kitchen. Crafted with the highest quality standards in mind, this stainless steel cleaner is formulated using all-natural ingredients, making it safe for use in food handling environments. Whether you're cleaning countertops, appliances, sinks, or cookware, you can trust that this cleaner will effectively remove dirt, grime, and stains without compromising the safety or integrity of your food preparation areas.

Many of the John Boos products, including countertops, tables, and sinks, are constructed using stainless steel, a material prized for its durability, resistance to corrosion, and sleek appearance. To ensure that your stainless steel surfaces maintain their luster and shine for years to come, it's essential to use a high-quality cleaner specifically designed for stainless steel. The Boos Stainless Steel Cleaner is specially formulated to provide superior cleaning power while being gentle on your stainless steel surfaces. Its streak-free formula ensures that your stainless steel items are left sparkling and spotless, without any unsightly streaks or residue. Plus, the breezy citrus orchard scent adds a refreshing aroma to your kitchen, making the cleaning process a more pleasant experience.

With its fine mist spray nozzle, this stainless steel cleaner offers easy and precise application, allowing you to target specific areas or cover larger surfaces with ease. Simply spray the cleaner onto the surface, wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel, and watch as dirt and grime are effortlessly lifted away, leaving behind a brilliant shine. Each can of Boos Stainless Steel Cleaner contains 8 ounces of product, providing you with an ample supply to keep your stainless steel products and surfaces looking their best. Whether you're a professional chef, a home cook, or a culinary enthusiast, having this cleaner on hand ensures that your kitchen remains hygienic, sanitary, and visually appealing.

In addition to its exceptional cleaning performance, the Boos Stainless Steel Cleaner is also versatile and can be used on all your stainless steel items, not just those from the John Boos collection. From appliances and utensils to sinks and fixtures, this cleaner is your go-to solution for keeping all your stainless steel surfaces gleaming and spotless. For best results, we recommend using the Boos Stainless Steel Cleaner regularly to maintain the beauty and integrity of your stainless steel products and surfaces. With its all-natural formulation, streak-free formula, and convenient spray application, this cleaner is sure to become an essential part of your kitchen cleaning routine. Trust John Boos to provide you with the finest quality products for your culinary needs.

    The History of John Boos & Co

    The History of John Boos & Co

    In 1887, Effingham, Illinois, blacksmith Conrad Boos used a Sycamore tree placed on three legs while hammering horseshoes. By the 1940s, John Boos had earned their outstanding reputation for quality and craftsmanship, and John Boos butcher blocks were found in every restaurant, food store and butcher shop in America.

    Committed to Environmental Integrity

    Committed to Environmental Integrity

    John Boos’ Hardwood foresters follow professional best practices that mirror natural forces. Individual trees are selected for harvest, encouraging forests to renew and regenerate themselves naturally and prolifically. 95% of all raw lumber scraps and sawdust are used to generate electricity and create steam to fuel the boilers. Sawdust is also recycled as livestock bedding for local agricultural needs.

    Care And Maintenance

    Care And Maintenance

    John Boos products are built with great quality and fine craftsmanship. With a consistent amount of care and maintenance, you can lengthen the life of your Boos ® purchases for many years. John Boos recommends using, Boos Stainless Steel Cleaner or Boos Mystery Oil and/or Boos Board Cream which is sold here at

    Certified Listings

    Certified Listings

    All John Boos certified products have gone through rigorous testing, inspections, and validation as required to be approved to bare the approved certification logos: NHLA Members, NSF Certified, NSF Component Certified, CSA Certified, and UL Listed.






    8 oz




    Stainless Steel Cleaner


    Breezy Citrus

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    1 Year


    NSF Certified


    John Boos

    John Boos is shipped free across Canada on orders over $99. John Boos & Co., based in Effingham, IL is one of the oldest manufacturers of premium quality foodservice equipment and butcher blocks in the U.S.A. Boos has been in business continuously since 1887. It was in his Effingham, IL blacksmith shop that founder, Conrad Boos first invented what would become the original Boos Block