Emile Henry - Black Satin 1/6 Pan - 713486

Emile Henry - Black Satin 1/6 Pan - 713486

Emile Henry - Black Satin 1/6 Pan - 713486

Model Number: BROW-91713486

UPC: 3289317134869

Emile Henry
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Elevate your culinary journey with the Emile Henry Black Satin 1/6 Pan. This meticulously crafted kitchen essential embodies precision, style, and versatility, making it an indispensable addition to your culinary repertoire.

Key Features:-

  • Culinary Excellence: Emile Henry, renowned for its culinary expertise, presents a pan that upholds the highest standards of quality and precision. Whether you're a professional chef or an enthusiastic home cook, this pan is designed to enhance your culinary skills.
  • Perfect for Smaller Portions: The 1/6 size of this pan is ideal for creating smaller portions, sides, and individual servings with precision. Its rectangular design allows for creative layering and presentation of your dishes.
  • Timeless Black Satin Finish: The black satin exterior of the Emile Henry 1/6 Pan adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen and complements any culinary presentation. Its classic rectangular shape maximizes utility, allowing for creative arrangement and layering of your dishes.
  • Uniform Heat Distribution: Crafted from premium ceramic, this pan ensures even heat distribution, eliminating hot spots and ensuring your culinary creations cook uniformly. With this pan, you'll achieve culinary excellence with every dish.
  • Versatile Functionality: This pan is a versatile companion in your kitchen, compatible with various cooking methods, including oven baking, broiling, and microwave use. It empowers you to explore a wide range of culinary possibilities and experiment with diverse recipes.
  • Effortless Maintenance: The non-porous glaze of the Emile Henry 1/6 Pan is both resistant to staining and easy to clean. Whether you prefer hand washing or using the dishwasher, you'll appreciate the convenience of hassle-free maintenance.
  • Safety First: Emile Henry is dedicated to ensuring your well-being. This pan is free from harmful substances like lead and cadmium, allowing you to cook with confidence, knowing that your health is a top priority.
    The Art of Earth & Fire

    The Art of Earth & Fire

    In 1848, Jaques Henry discovered the world of ceramics in a small workshop in Marcigny, a village in Burgundy, France. He developed a real passion for the art of Earth & Fire. For 6 generations, the team has handed down the passion for quality handmade ceramics. Emile Henry is proud to offer their experience of Earth & Fire to create delicious recipes full of flavour.

    Chip Resistant & Long-Lasting

    Chip Resistant & Long-Lasting

    Emile Henry products do not chip or crack easily. One can cut directly on the surface without scratching or damaging the product. There is no lead or cadmium in the products, all of the glazes meet California Prop 65, and all of the products are 100% food safe. Offered in a large variety of colors, the glazes will not craze, discolour or fade over time.

    The Finest Burgundy Clay

    The Finest Burgundy Clay

    Burgundy clay evenly & slowly diffuses cooking heat so the food is cooked evenly, which brings out the flavours & aromas. This clay has superior heat-retention properties to keep food hot & more flavoursome when resting. All Emile Henry products are direct freezer-to-oven. They exhibit extraordinary thermal shock properties & go under the broiler & in the microwave.

    Heat & Colour

    Heat & Colour

    Emile Henry's high-fired Burgundy clay is unsurpassed for conducting and retaining heat. It is made with an exclusive process to produce strong and durable ceramic bakeware and tableware for everyday use. In 1986 after much research, the Company created the first colourful dishes for use in the oven. It was a breakthrough for kitchens across the country!



    Product Weight

    4.0 Ib


    Care & Use

    Dishwasher safe



    Item Condition






    Warranty / Certifications


    10 Years


    Emile Henry

    Founded in 1850, and located in Marcigny, a small town in the province of Burgundy, France, Emile Henry has established a worldwide reputation for manufacturing the finest quality ceramic ovenware, gourmet cooking products, and bakeware products. Still owned and operated by the Henry family, the company today manufactures all cooking products from Burgundy clay using their proprietary High Resistance Oven Ceramic state-of-the-art manufacturing process.