de Buyer - Elastomoule Silicone 20 Mini-Bordelais Fluted Cake Mold - 1856.21D

de Buyer - Elastomoule Silicone 20 Mini-Bordelais Fluted Cake Mold - 1856.21D

de Buyer - Elastomoule Silicone 20 Mini-Bordelais Fluted Cake Mold - 1856.21D

Model Number: BROW-77185621D

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Unleash your inner pastry chef with the DE BUYER Elastomoule 20 Mini-Bordelais Fluted Cake Mold. This exceptional silicone mold is the result of meticulous development by DE BUYER's renowned research team and is the trusted choice of French world champion pastry chefs. Crafted from advanced silicone foam, this mold is designed to exceed your culinary expectations. Its remarkable silicone material exhibits impressive temperature resistance, withstanding extreme temperatures from a chilling -90°F to a scorching 580°F. This versatility makes it ideal for both cold and hot culinary applications, allowing you to explore a world of delectable possibilities.

But what truly sets this mold apart is its natural non-stick properties. Say goodbye to the frustration of stubbornly clinging baked goods. With the DE BUYER Elastomoule, your fluted cakes release effortlessly, revealing perfectly browned and exquisitely caramelized creations every time. Using this mold is a breeze. Place it directly on the oven grid, eliminating the need for a tray, and experience flawless heat convection for consistent results. Maintain the same temperature settings as you would with a traditional metal pan, ensuring that your mini-Bordelais cakes reach their full potential. For traditional ovens, we recommend positioning the grid in the lower part of the oven to optimize your baking outcomes.

Each DE BUYER Elastomoule 20 Mini-Bordelais Fluted Cake Mold is thoughtfully packaged in a gift box, complete with comprehensive usage and care instructions. As a delightful bonus, each mold includes a specially crafted recipe tailored to its dimensions, offering you culinary inspiration and expert guidance on your baking journey. Measuring 1.37" in diameter, with an overall dimension of 8.14" in length, 6.88" in width, and 1.33" in height, this mold is intelligently designed to yield a generous batch of 20 mini-Bordelais fluted cakes, each measuring 210x176 mm and adorned with the classic cannelé shape. Elevate your baking creations to new heights with the DE BUYER Elastomoule 20 Mini-Bordelais Fluted Cake Mold. Embrace a world of precision, innovation, and perfection, making this exceptional mold an indispensable part of your kitchen. Experience the joy of crafting flawless, beautifully browned, and expertly caramelized mini-Bordelais fluted cakes with ease and confidence.

Key Features:-

  • Makes 20 mini-Bordelais fluted cakes
  • Nonstick supple pastry molds
  • Made of food-grade silicone foam + metal powder
  • Oven cooking and freezing -90°F to + 580°F (-70°C to +300°C)
  • Quick and homogeneous fast heat transmission
  • Made in France



Internal Diameter


Internal Height


External Length


External Width


External Height



Product Weight

0.61 lb

Heat Source Compatibility

Electricity, Gas

Item Condition






Heat source



Dishwasher Safe

Typical Usage



210x176 mm - 20 cakes



Warranty / Certifications


2 Years


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