Cuisipro - 0.5 Oz Red Decorating Pen - 747122

Cuisipro - 0.5 Oz Red Decorating Pen - 747122

Cuisipro - 0.5 Oz Red Decorating Pen - 747122

Model Number: BROW-747122

UPC: 065506071220

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Cuisipro 0.5 Oz Red Decorating Pen – Unleash Your Creativity in Culinary Artistry!

Get ready to embark on a delightful journey of culinary creativity with the Cuisipro 0.5 Oz Red Decorating Pen. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a budding home baker, this ingenious tool will add a touch of magic to your desserts, pastries, beverages, and plates, turning every creation into a work of edible art. Fun for all ages and easy enough for a child to handle, the Decorating Pen lets you effortlessly adorn your culinary masterpieces with decorative swirls, messages, or intricate designs, all with professional-grade results. The Decorating Pen offers you the freedom to choose between fine or thick lines, depending on your creative vision. With the red tip, you can achieve delicate, intricate designs, or remove it for bolder, more expressive strokes. Fill the body of the pen with your favorite store-bought or homemade sauces, such as chocolate, icing, honey, or berry sauce. Whether you're adding the finishing touch to a cake or accentuating a plate presentation, this pen is the perfect vessel for your culinary creations.  Operating the Cuisipro Decorating Pen is as simple and intuitive as writing with a pen. Just fill it, hold it like a pen, and gently squeeze the side to unleash your artistic flair.

The ergonomic design ensures precise control, allowing you to bring your culinary imagination to life.  Worried about the cleanup process? Don't be! The Cuisipro Decorating Pen is dishwasher safe, making post-creativity cleanup a breeze. Simply place it on the top rack, and it's ready for your next culinary adventure. Decorating Pen is your passport to elevating your culinary creations to the next level. Whether you're a professional pastry chef or a home baker with a passion for artistry, this versatile tool enables you to express your creativity with ease. Unleash your inner artist and transform ordinary desserts, pastries, beverages, and plates into extraordinary edible masterpieces. Elevate your culinary presentation and make every dish a work of art with the Cuisipro Decorating Pen! Great fun for everyone and simple enough for a child to handle. The Decorating Pen quickly and easily dresses up desserts, pastries, beverages and plates with decorative swirls or messages for professional results.

Key Features:-

  • Option for fine or thick lines
  • Use red tip for fine lines or remove for thicker strokes
  • Fill the body with store-bought or homemade sauces such as chocolate, icing, honey or berry sauce
  • It is as simple as writing with a pen
  • Fill, hold like a pen, gently squeeze the side to decorate
  • Dishwasher safe - top rack
The Cuisipro Story

The Cuisipro Story

Cuisipro has been making fine kitchenware for almost 20 years. We now have more than 250 products in our exclusive collection and we have customers around the world. From Toronto to Tipperary, Cuisipro is a truly global brand. This international perspective keeps Cuisipro in tune with food tastes & changing markets.

Tools For Cooks

Tools For Cooks

Cuisipro believes in the joy & pleasure that great food & its preparation & serving can bring. For every task there is a tool. Having the right tool gives you the freedom to cook & create with confidence. Cuisipro makes tools for cooks who have an eye for design & a passion for quality. Our contemporary forms never go out of style.








0.5 Oz/16 ml


Product Weight

1.28 lb

Care & Use

Dishwasher safe On The Top Rack


Red & White

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Cuisipro is shipped free across Canada on orders over $99. For more than 2 decades, Cuisipro has produced a history of "firsts", producing innovative kitchen products that have never been seen before such as silicone coated whisks, scoop and stack ice cream cylinders and more! Get inspired and browse their wide selection of amazing kitchen innovations.