Cuisipro - 7

Cuisipro - 7" Stainless Steel Cone-Shaped Strainer (17.8 cm) - 746627

Cuisipro - 7" Stainless Steel Cone-Shaped Strainer (17.8 cm) - 746627

Model Number: BROW-746627

UPC: 065506066271

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Cuisipro 7" Stainless Steel Cone-Shaped Strainer – a versatile kitchen tool designed for precision straining, ideal for stocks, soups, and culinary creations where flavor and consistency are paramount. Crafted with a unique cone shape, this strainer efficiently directs liquids downward, ensuring precise and thorough straining without unwanted debris or bits. It's perfect for achieving smooth and flavorful dishes, particularly when removing peels, bones, and other components. The deep-seated design of this strainer allows it to sit securely in your stock pot or large bowl, preventing spills and messes during the straining process. Equipped with a cool-touch loop handle and a smaller loop for securing over the edge of your container, this strainer offers comfortable and stable handling, even with hot liquids.

Cleaning is a breeze as the Cuisipro 7" Stainless Steel Cone-Shaped Strainer is dishwasher safe. Its durable stainless steel mesh construction ensures efficient cleaning and long-lasting performance. Built to withstand the demands of daily cooking, this strainer is a reliable addition to your kitchen toolkit. Whether you're crafting a consommé or refining a hearty stew, it provides the precision and control necessary for culinary excellence. With its sleek stainless steel design, the Cuisipro 7" Stainless Steel Cone-Shaped Strainer combines functionality with elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen tools. Cuisipro stands by the quality of its products, and this strainer is no exception. It embodies the brand's commitment to excellence and practicality, making it a trusted and essential part of your cooking routine. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, the Cuisipro 7" Stainless Steel Cone-Shaped Strainer is your key to achieving culinary precision and consistently exceptional flavors. Elevate your cooking experience with Cuisipro, where innovation, durability, and ease of use converge to make your culinary endeavors truly exceptional.

Key Features:-

  • The cone shape directs liquids down
  • Strainer sits deep into your stock pot or large bowl
  • Perfect for straining both stocks and soups
  • Strains peels and bones that you love for flavor, but don’t want on your plate
  • Loop handle stays cool
  • Smaller loop hooks over bowl edge
  • Constructed of superior stainless steel mesh for durability
  • Dishwasher safe
The Cuisipro Story

The Cuisipro Story

Cuisipro has been making fine kitchenware for almost 20 years. We now have more than 250 products in our exclusive collection and we have customers around the world. From Toronto to Tipperary, Cuisipro is a truly global brand. This international perspective keeps Cuisipro in tune with food tastes & changing markets.

Tools For Cooks

Tools For Cooks

Cuisipro believes in the joy & pleasure that great food & its preparation & serving can bring. For every task there is a tool. Having the right tool gives you the freedom to cook & create with confidence. Cuisipro makes tools for cooks who have an eye for design & a passion for quality. Our contemporary forms never go out of style.







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Cuisipro is shipped free across Canada on orders over $99. For more than 2 decades, Cuisipro has produced a history of "firsts", producing innovative kitchen products that have never been seen before such as silicone coated whisks, scoop and stack ice cream cylinders and more! Get inspired and browse their wide selection of amazing kitchen innovations.