Browne - 18 x 26 x 1

Browne - 18 x 26 x 1" 18-Gauge Aluminum Perforated Bun Pan - 58182641

Browne - 18 x 26 x 1" 18-Gauge Aluminum Perforated Bun Pan - 58182641

Model Number: BROW-58182641

UPC: 065506460574

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Elevate your baking and roasting with the Browne 18" x 26" Aluminum Perforated Bun Pan. Crafted from high-quality 18-gauge aluminum, this bun pan is a durable and dependable choice for both professional bakers and home cooks. Its generous size provides ample space for large batches of baked goods or roasts, making it perfect for commercial kitchens, bakeries, and catering services. The perforated design of this pan allows for excellent air circulation, promoting even baking and roasting, resulting in crispy, golden-brown perfection. The aluminum construction ensures even heat distribution, which is essential for achieving uniform results. This pan is designed with reinforced edges to maintain its shape and durability, even with frequent use. Its non-reactive surface won't interact with acidic ingredients, preserving the flavors of your baked goods. The smooth aluminum finish promotes easy food release and straightforward cleaning. This bun pan is compatible with standard bun pan racks, allowing for efficient storage and transport. Whether you're baking bread, pastries, roasting vegetables, or preparing other delicious creations, the Browne Aluminum Perforated Bun Pan is a versatile and reliable choice that will help you achieve outstanding culinary results, batch after batch.

Key Attributes:

  • Ample Proportions: With dimensions of 18 inches in width and 26 inches in length, this bun pan provides a generous canvas for your baking aspirations. Its substantial size is ideal for accommodating larger quantities of baked goods.
  • Durable Aluminum Construction: Engineered from resilient aluminum, the pan offers exceptional heat conductivity, guaranteeing uniform baking results. Its durability and resistance to corrosion ensure a lasting kitchen companion.
  • Perforated Innovation: The distinctive feature of this bun pan is its perforated surface. Thoughtfully placed perforations across the pan's surface enhance air circulation during baking. This design leads to better heat distribution and ultimately results in crisper outcomes, particularly for items like bread, pastries, and other dough-based creations.
  • Culinary Flexibility: The versatility of this perforated bun pan shines through as it's adept at baking an array of items. From achieving a golden crust on bread to ensuring flaky pastries, the pan's design lends itself to diverse baking endeavors.
  • Steadfast Edges: Raised edges encompass the pan, containing any potential spills and drips during baking and transport. This practical design aspect maintains a cleaner baking process.
  • Easy Maintenance: Aluminum's inherent non-stick properties simplify cleanup. Whether you opt for a gentle hand wash or trust the dishwasher, maintaining the pan's cleanliness is hassle-free.
  • Professional and Home Usage: Suited for both seasoned chefs aiming for culinary perfection and home cooks seeking reliable tools, this perforated bun pan adapts seamlessly to various cooking scenarios.
  • Optimized Storage: The pan's flat design is conducive to efficient stacking, ensuring smart storage solutions in bustling commercial kitchens and cozy home settings alike.










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