Browne - 10

Browne - 10" x 18" Nylon Pastry Bag - 5712518

Browne - 10" x 18" Nylon Pastry Bag - 5712518

Model Number: BROW-5712518

UPC: 028238702404

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Introducing the Browne 10" x 18" Nylon Pastry Bag (Model: 5712518), a masterful tool that caters to the aspirations of seasoned pastry artisans and passionate home bakers alike. This culinary essential is designed to infuse precision and artistry into your baking ventures.

Key Features:
  • Built to Last: Crafted from premium-grade nylon material, this pastry bag stands the test of time, enduring rigorous use and a variety of ingredients with unwavering resilience.

  • Optimal Dimensions: Measuring 10 inches in width and 18 inches in length, this pastry bag offers generous space to execute a multitude of tasks. Whether you're meticulously adorning cakes or expertly filling pastries, it accommodates with grace.

  • Seamless Material Flow: The interior of the pastry bag is thoughtfully engineered to facilitate a consistent and smooth material flow, ensuring your decorating and filling endeavors are met with professional finesse.

  • Effortless Hygiene: Thanks to its nylon composition, keeping the pastry bag clean is a breeze, contributing to a sanitary cooking environment. Its easy maintenance guarantees repeated use without hassle.

  • Precise Sewn Tip: Enhanced with a meticulously sewn tip, this pastry bag guarantees uniformity and control in material dispensation, eliminating the need for additional attachments and ensuring consistent results.

  • Versatile Creativity: Tailored for skilled pastry chefs and passionate baking enthusiasts, the Browne 10" x 8" Nylon Pastry Bag becomes your versatile canvas. From intricate designs to innovative fillings, it transforms your vision into reality.

  • Comfortable Handling: The lightweight nylon construction ensures comfortable and prolonged use without hand fatigue, empowering you to channel your focus into achieving pastry perfection.

  • For Professionals and Home Cooks: Irrespective of your culinary expertise, the Browne 10" x 18" Nylon Pastry Bag (Model: 5712518) is your ally. Its precision and convenience elevate your baking endeavors, making it a staple in every kitchen.

  • Packaging Excellence: Presented with care, the Browne 10" x 18" Nylon Pastry Bag arrives ready to be your partner in creativity. Elevate your baking creations with finesse, thanks to this reliable and versatile tool.








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