Ascaso - Steel Uno Versatile PID Espresso Machine White/Wood - UNO112 (Available August, Order Now!)

Ascaso - Steel Uno Versatile PID Espresso Machine White/Wood - UNO112 (Available August, Order Now!)

Ascaso - Steel Uno Versatile PID Espresso Machine White/Wood - UNO112 (Available August, Order Now!)

Model Number: SBS-UNO112

UPC: 8435172651293

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Hand-Crafted - Hand-Made - There's a little bit of love in every machine!

The STEEL range goes one step further and transcends the Home use. It is a semi-professional coffee machine for home, offices, and even the Hospitality channel.

It was designed by the Ascaso Factory engineering team in its UNO and DUO versions and it is offered in a robust industrial bodywork that meets the requirements of the expert user. It is manufactured with the highest quality materials (aluminum, stainless steel, brass), and a minimum use of plastic. The standard version is equipped with a 58mm filter holder and electronic temperature control.

The PID version provides a completely professional performance: externally adjustable OPV and an external PID display for temperature setting, adjustable pre-infusion, stand-by option and much more. A professional machine at Home! The 2L reservoir can be removed for easy maintenance, cleaning and visual access, allowing the user to quickly check the amount of water in the chamber. The reservoir can be filled with the coffee machine in operation. BPA - free.

Thermoblock Group Thermal Stability

Thermoblock Group Thermal Stability

Quality in cup. Less limescale build-up. Stainless steel circuit reduces limescale build-up. Unlimited steam.Constant pressure. No damage to the heating element caused by low water levels. Significantly reduces energy consumption and increases thermal stability in the group.

Clean Water

Clean Water

Here it is constantly renewed and clean for every coffee. The taste and smell of the coffee are unaffected. As the water does not stand in the boiler, being constantly re-heated, quality is not affected.

Made in Barcelona

Made in Barcelona

Ascaso Factory currently has facilities occupying over 4,000 m2, 50 employees and a presence in over 95 countries. Ascaso designs and manufactures 100% of its products in Barcelona.

Healthy 100%

Healthy 100%

AISI 316 stainless steel water circuit. No metal migration in water. Complies with European standard EN 16889.

Quality - Our Constant Obsession

Quality - Our Constant Obsession

This concept has driven the philosophy of our factory. In addition to the top-quality materials, meticulous design of components, rigorous trials and tests, the most important thing is to create honest products with reliable construction. Quality is assured thanks to our internal quality control system consisting of over 25 points of inspection, carried out by specialists at our factory in Barcelona. Each and every machine we make undergoes a one-by-one test. One by one.

5 Year Warranty - Boilers & Groups

5 Year Warranty - Boilers & Groups

All our machines are manufactured slowly and meticulously by the precise hands of our craftsmen. We're in no hurry. The technicians who work on each of our machines need to take their time. Slowly but surely. At a studied pace with the confidence of knowing they are creating a unique and perfect object to last a lifetime... We are so confident of the quality of our coffee machines. Our quest for excellence has allowed us to extend the international warranty to 5 years on all of our boilers & groups.









Product Weight

26.5 lbs






Water Reservoir

2 L

Steam Wand

Inox 360º / Heat Resistant ø10mm

Filter Holder

Stainless steel ø58mm

Pump Pressure

Regulable by OPV

Coffee Thermostat

Regulable by PID

Steam Thermostat

Regulable by PID



OPV Pressure Control


Active Cup Warmer


PID Control


Volumetric Control


Group Thermal Cover


Wood Handles








Warranty / Certifications


5 Years



Ascaso is shipped free across Canada on orders over $99. Ascaso designs & manufactures 100% of its products in Barcelona.  All machines are manufactured delicately & slowly by the most precise hands of our craftsmen. Thermoblock boilers have a 5 year warranty against defects caused by faulty workmanship & materials.